Andre King

Comedian Musician Actor Magician Entertainer

Andre King is a stand up comedian from Auckland New Zealand and a veteran of the NZ comedy circuit. He started off in 2000 as a magician and in an effort to move from childrens parties to a more mature audience took to stand up comedy as a method of improving his patter. However, since making the move, he discovered a love for stand up and a passion for the stage. Since then he has performed all over New Zealand and Australia.

Since making the the leap to Stand up comedy, Andre has also secured roles as an actor in critically acclaimed NZ shows such as Eating Media Lunch, Shortland Street and two seasons of "The Pretender" which saw him nominated in the Qantas Film & Television awards 2009 for "Best Supporting Actor".

That role as "Johnny Green - Campaign Manager" also secured  a New Zealand Comedy Guild Award for "Best Comedy Performance on NZ Television" 2005 and he won the award again in 2008 for Season Two of "The Pretender" against stiff competition from Dai Henwood, Cory Gonzales Macuer and Rhys Dharby.

Andre King is currently involved in the Victor Roger Play "The Village People" and is set to play the iconic Billy T James role of "The Tainuia Kid" in the musical stage version of "Came a Hot Friday" . He has also just finished working on Season one of the New Zealand version of "The Real Hustle" and has been appraoched about working on Season 3 of The Pretender in 2011.

In addition to this, Andre is also developing two movie scripts and a television series of his own.


NZ Comedy Guild Awards / Nominations


Best Sketch Writer


Best Comedic Performance on NZ TV

Best Sketch 

Most Offensive Gag (Nominee)


Most Offensive Gag (Nominee)


Best MC (Nominee)

Best Industry Friend


Best Comedic Performance on NZ TV


Qantas Film & Television Awards

2009 Best Supporting Actor (Nominee)


Film & Television Credits

Pulp Comedy (TVD) Phoenix Productions
Role: Stand Up Comedian Director: Mandy Toogood

Eating Media Lunch (TVD)
Great Southern Television
Role: Al Gorely

The Pretender (TVD) Great Southern Television
Role: Jon Green Director: Jon Brough & Peter Burger


More Moaning (SF)
Windsor Castle Productions
Role: Lead Director: Steve King


AotearoHa (TVD) TV3/Laugh!
Role: Comedian

The Pretender - Series 2 (TVD) Great Southern Television
Role: Jon Green Director: Jon Brough & Peter Burger

Shortland Street (TVD) South Pacific Pictures
Role: Vince 'Pig Dog' Laws

A Night At The Classic (TVD)
Two Heads Productions
Role: Stand Up Comedian Director: Josh Thomson


The Great Debate - Waitangi Day Broadcast (Presenter)
Maori Television
Role: Debator

The Real Hustle (TVD)
Endemol Southern Star Pty Ltd
Role: Presenter

Bloodlines (FF)
Screentime NZ Limited - Tele Feature Film
Role: Detective Parker Director: Peter Burger
Producer: Philly De Lacey




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