Gig Guide

Watch Andre King perform at these venues;


‘King’s comedy sparks & tickles with an enigmatic cheek…’

Nic Smythe – Theatreview


‘King was hilarious! Had the audience in the palm of his hand…’

Kelly Badman – South Waikato Times NZ


‘King’s zipping lines were gems no European would even contemplate trying!’

Denis Edwards – NZ Herald


‘Kings comedy is like the squeaky hinge on the lid of Pandora’s box!’

Mark Neilsen – Radioworks Dunedin NZ


‘One of New Zealands finest comedy exports…irresistibly funny!’

Mark Ritchie – The Stage UK


‘King is funny, witty and confident, his presence is as large as his suit!’

Joseph Trotter – Three Weeks Edinburgh


‘Endearing, hilariously caricatured impressions and accents. Comedy at it’s most sincere and civilised!’

Joanna Alpern – Broadway Baby Edinburgh 2012


‘…stand up comedy of the highest caliber, devastatingly funny!’

Lachlan MacIntyre – Cream of The Fringe Edinburgh


‘Razor Sharp’

Phuket Gazette Thailand


‘A comedy sensation…’

Croatian National Television

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