So you will be aware of the general plan - arrive in UK, get onstage, make some £'s

Which has so far been achieved, however, what I hadn't taken into account was that the world cup was on and England were in the running, as a result, many of the regular clubs cancelled a whole heap of shows which left a huge amount of comics without a pot in which to piss. Since England dropped out of the running, shows have been coming back online but there is now a whole bunch of established known comics who are hungry for work all dealing with venue owners that know who they are. This puts me in direct competition with the best acts on the circuit for closing spots at venues. Undoubtedly, this IS where I wanted to be... but in 6 months time! After I had had an opportunity to at least make contact with the venues and put myself out there as an act that was capable and different. After all... I am the only comedian working the European circuit that also happens to be a Maori. But I fear my task has been made a little more difficult by England bowing out! Still, eyes fixed upon the goal!

I'll be starting a new blog type as well, that will detail the latest material I've been able to rustle up since arriving. Seems that intentional theft of gags by some comics is commonplace, so it may be helpful to have a record of when I'd come up with certain pieces of material.