Hello my lovelies! I do sincerely apologise for not dragging my backside back here sooner, I know it has been a while since I updated my blog. But I'm here now and finally have a little time to scratch and tell you all about it!

Life has become very busy, you may recall I was being chased by another agent to sign with them, cutting a long story short, that didn't work out due to conflicts of interest between other parties, party to the party that I bring whenever I take to the stage. Party cancelled. However, on the basis of my previous performances the chase was back on and due to a little diplomacy and negotiating on my part, it now looks like I will have two agents working on my behalf. This in turn should lead to a higher level of work and of course higher fees, but as they say, the proof is indeed in the pudding, so we shall see what the future brings!

I think in my last post I was scheduled to appear in Shirley Birmingham - which turned out to be Solihul Birmingham, which resulted in me getting off at the wrong train station for the show, catching 4 buses, then wandering around the streets of Solihul trying to find the venue because the hotel didn't know its own post code! 

I do recall from that gig that Brian Higgins was on (whom I worked with in Bournemouth Lava Ignite), he did very well, there was also a young lady on and regrettably I didn't really have a chance to talk to her too much and don't recall her name off the top of my head. I did quite well at that show, a bus load of old age pensioners showed up and they were the filthiest bunch of blue haired codgers you'd ever seen! One Nana made a point of telling me that she was going to have to excuse herself to the bathroom to wring out her knickers! She was from Sheffield and therefore lying about having to wring out her knickers, no one in Sheffield wears knickers!

The next gig was in Amsterdam Comedy Cafe, courtesy of Bob Mclaren offering me the 5 min spot he was down to do. Nice to perform there (if only to say that I had!) Loved Amsterdam, beautiful city, lovely people, had a ball - pics are available on my facebook :D

I then returned home to do Palmers Green, followed by an audition in Cardiff, Wales for a new comedy sketch TV show (I didn't get the role - didn't know enough about Brit politics/Politicians). Then picked up a last minute booking for the 2010 Disabled British open golf tournament!  Whoever organised that tournament must have hated the golf club rep, just to watch each entrant walk up to the rep & watch him squirm while he had to ask 'What's your handicap?'

That gig followed up by shows in Marlborough & Bombay Bills in Exeter, then the beginning of October did my first gig for Off the Kerb at Funny Bones Centre Stage in Bournemouth, held my own against Sean Walsh & Terry Alderton, two very experienced and ridiculously funny acts and based on my performance picked up a couple more shows through another booker. 

That was quickly followed by more gigs in Woldingham, West Byfleet, Colchester, Northwich, Matlock, Bracknell and a stellar gig in Basingstoke which my mum, family friend Lorraine and the lovely Mareena were able to attend and see me perform. October was rounded out with performances in Swindon, Worcester, Lancaster, Brentford, the Dukes head in Putney and Middlesbrough. 

November started off slow with a Jongleurs gig on my birthday and then nowt for the next week, then hit Horsham, Potters Bar, Bath, then a trip to The Empire Tavern in Belfast, Gosport Naval Base, A private gig in Bramley, two nigfhts in Liverpool, two nights in Croatia and an MC spot in South Cadbury followed by Manor house tonight!

It has been a busy couple of weeks with back to back performances and December is looking like it will be busier than this month! I have achieved my goal of £500 per week from comedy and am now pushing for the next goal of £750 p/week. It's taken me just short of 4 months to achieve that goal I'm only pushing for £250 more so will aim to have that figure down by end of month January! Wish me luck!!!!

Click here : http://inmagazin.novatv.hr/multimedia/iz-in-magazina-stand-up-zvijezde-odusevile-zagrepcane.html

to see the Herzegovenia (Croatian) National News report of the show I did in Croatia which has earned me the title of 'Andre King - The Croatian Sensation'