Still working and now getting very close to my goal of £500 p/week. Currently earning between £250 & £350 p/week with surprising regularity, this week for instance will be £400 and next week will be £550. In general pretty happy with how the shows have been going, since the last show I blogged about in Reading I have managed to swing performances at The Old Rope, Thistle Hotel (NEVER AGAIN!), The Comedy Store, Highlight Camden, Up The Creek, Bournemouth - AWESOME never heard a crowd chanting "Kiwi!" before :D, Chalfont St Peter, Vines Cross - where for the first time ever I gigged by candle light! Tomorrow night I will be hosting a comedy show at the Rewind Music Festival at Henly on Thames. Last night I performed for a pharmaceutical companies dinner at one of the top 10 most exclusive hotels in the UK. Ive received another offer of representation with the promise of more work at better rates and I have my first TV audition for a new sketch show coming up in September. I even received a call from Scotland this morning asking if I was available to do a spot... it turned out the spot was in Edinburgh (Im still in London) so I had to turn it down as it was already 1pm and I doubted my ability to make it there by 4pm!
All in all, things are looking up and every day I'm more and more convinced I made the right decision coming over here. Much more work, completely different audiences, huge learning curves and loving it.