The festival is over! Having been put in the position of not being able to get into one of the venues that I applied for, I was told to find another venue to creep into. One has to wonder what sort of state we manage to get ourselves into where so many slots are taken up with international comedians coming in to do the NZ festival that all of a sudden our own home grown comics are left with out the proverbial pot in which they may piss!
I "get" that international acts attract audiences to the "festival", but surely some kind of balance needs to be meted out where it is not acceptable that there be sooooo many internationals as to deny kiwi comics an opportunity to perform in more recognised venues? After all, international acts don't do much towards contributing to my door sales? About as much as putting my show on in a bar that seats 50 people that no ones ever heard of.
Having said that, I take heart in the fact that I can on occasion be a particularly cunning bastard. Not only did I find a venue in the city, but it was FREE to hire. The nett result of which meant that I had very low operating costs this year. Factor in a borrowed P.A system, my own spot light, mic stand, designed & printed my own flyers and posters and you have a 6 night run at a total cost of $435 (nzd)  including $135 festival registration.
I broke even the first night! Minimised my comps list, maximised my free advertising through Facebook, Myspace, the TV3 website (thanks to being part of "The Real Hustle" promo) and the comedy channel on owned and operated by fellow performer Ms. T M Bishop. In addition to that I garnered 2 spots on Scott Blanks show "Pulp Comedy" and a spot on Mike Loders "Southside Comedy" which meant that by the end of the festival, I had made almost 5 times as much as I had spent. 
That.... has to be a first for a kiwi performer?